Founded 1956

SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials

The SALALM Secretariat is currently hosted by The Latin American Library at Tulane University and is located in the Howard Tilton Memorial Library. The Executive Secretary is Hortensia Calvo. Carol Avila is the Program Coordinator.

The Secretariat functions as the headquarters of the organization, and manages all activities related to membership, publications, coordination of the annual meetings, and committees.


SALALM Executive Board
President: Nerea Llamas, University of Michigan
Vice-President/President Elect:  Lynn Shirey, Harvard University
Past President: Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Princeton University
Executive Secretary: Hortensia Calvo, Tulane University
Rapporteur General: Roberto Delgadillo, University of California, Davis
Treasurer: Jane Garner, University of Texas at Austin (Interim)
Parliamentarian and Archivist: Jane Garner, University of Texas at Austin

2008-2011: Martha E. Mantilla, University of Pittsburgh and Roberto Delgadillo, University of California, Davis
2009-2012: Adán Benavides, University of Texas at Austin and Sean Knowlton, Columbia University
2010-2013: David Block, University of Texas at Austin and Darlene Hull, Libros de Barlovento

Sponsoring Members 2010-2011
University of California, Berkeley Library
Books From Mexico
The City College of New York Libraries
E. Iturriaga & Cia.
University of Southern California
University of New Mexico
Tulane University Library
University of Illinois Library
University of Florida - Libraries
Duke University Library
Columbia University
Princeton University Library
Yale University Library

SALALM Secretariat

SALALM Secretariat
Tulane University
The Latin American Library
422 Howard Tilton Memorial Library
7001 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70118-5549

Phone: 504-247-1366
Fax: 504-247-1367


Honorary Members
Felix Reichman, elected 1970*
Arthur Gropp, elected 1972*
Nettie Lee Benson, elected 1977*
Emma Simonson, elected 1977*
Irene Zimmerman, elected 1977*
Marietta Daniels Shepard, elected 1978*
A. Curtis Wilgus, elected 1980*
Alice Ball, elected 1984
Peter de la Garza, elected 1989
Donald F. Wisdom, elected 1991*
Pauline Collins, elected 1997
Carl Deal, elected 1997
Suzanne Hodgman, elected 1997
Rosa Q. Mesa, elected 1997*
Iliana Sonntag, elected 1997
Laurence Hallewell, elected 1998
Juan Risso, elected 1998
Alma T. Jordan, elected 1999
Dolores M. Martin, elected 1999*
Jane Garner, elected 2005
Laura Gutiérrez-Witt, elected 2005
Peter Johnson, elected 2005
Barbara Valk, elected 2006
Robert McNeil, elected 2006
Ann Hartness, elected 2008
Nelly S. González, elected 2009


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