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Atlas of American Diversity (1998)

Atlas of Latino Politics (2006)

Atlas of Hispanic American History (2001)

Bibliography of Mexican American History (1984)

Biographical Dictionary of Hispanic Literature in the United States (1989)

Chicana Studies Index: Twenty Years of Gender Research, 1971-1991 (1992)

Chicano Literature: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vols. 82/122/209 (1989/1992/1999)

Chicano Literature: A ReferenceGuide (1985)

Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art: Artists, Works, Culture, and Education (2002)

Contemporary Hispanic Biography (2002-2204)

Chronology of Hispanic-American History (1995)

Cubans in the United States: A Bibliography for Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1960-1983 (1984)

Dictionary of Chicano Folklore (2000)

Dictionary of Hispanic Biography (1996)

Dictionary of Mexican American History (1981)

Encyclopedia Latina: History, Culture, and Society in the United States (2005)

Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture (2004)

Encyclopedia of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement (2000)

Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics (2000)

Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States (1993)

Hispanic Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook (annual)

Hispanic-American Almanac (1994)

Hispanic Datababook (2004)

Hispanic Writers: A Selection of Sketches from Contemporary Authors (1991)

Hispanics in Hollywood: an Encyclopedia on Film and Television (2000)

Latinas in the United States: a HistoricalEncyclopedia (2006)

Latino Encyclopedia (1996)

Latinos in the United States: A Historical Bibliography (1986)

Literatura Chicana: Creative & Critical Writings (1985) Supplement (1996)

Masterpieces on Latino Literature (1991)

Notable Hispanic American Women (1993/1998)

Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States (2005)

St. James Guide to Hispanic Artists: Profiles of Latino and Latin American Artists (2002)

We the People: An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity (1988)


Compiled by Adan Griego with suggestions from SALALM members: Sara Aponte, Roberto Delgadillo, Georgette Dorn, Pamela Graham, Ruby Gutierrez, Sean Knowlton, Barbara Miller, Cecilia Puerto and Jesus Alonso Regalado.

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