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SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials

Chicana and Latina History (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Spring 2006)

Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art (UC Santa Barbara, Fall 2006)

Immigrants and the Transformation of American Life (UC San Diego, Winter 2004)

Introduction to Raza Studies (San Francisco State, Fall 2004)

Latina/o Literature (University of Northern Colorado, Fall 2002)

Latino /a Identity in the United States (St.Louis University, Fall 2002)

Latino/as in US Labor and Working Class History (Rutgers, n.d.)

Latino Politics (Rutgers Spring 2007)

Sociology of Latino Studies (American University, Spring 2007)

The Negotiation of Latino/a Identity and the Formation of Latino Communities in the United States (Brandeis, Spring 2005)

US-Mexico Relations: Prelude & Future of Globalization (UCLA, Fall 2002)

Various Courses (UC Santa Cruz, Winter 2003)

Various Courses (University of New Mexico, Fall 2004)

Various Courses (University of New Mexico, Fall 2005)


See Stanford and Cornell for general Latino Studies library guides. For more subject specific pathfinder access Latino Politics in the U.S. or Library Resources for Hispanic/Latino Studies in the U.S. at the University at Albany library website.


Compiled by Adan Griego with suggestions from SALALM members: Sara Aponte, Roberto Delgadillo, Georgette Dorn, Pamela Graham, Ruby Gutierrez, Sean Knowlton, Barbara Miller, Cecilia Puerto and Jesus Alonso Regalado.

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