Founded 1956

SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials


Three members appointed by the President.

Current Membership (2010)

Jesús Alonso-Regalado (Chair)
Kaydee McCann
Ana María Cobos


To prepare a slate of nominations for annual election of Vice-President/President-Elect and of Members-at-Large of the Executive Board.



1. Reviews membership list in search of eligible candidates.

The committee "nominates two persons for each position from among personal members of SALALM in good standing. Candidates for Members-at-Large should have attended at least two annual conferences and been members of SALALM for two consecutive years. Candidates for Vice-President/President-Elect should have attended at least two annual conferences, served on at least one committee, and have been a member of SALALM for three consecutive years. These requirements may be waived after consultation with the President and Executive Secretary if no candidates can be found who satisfy the above requirements."(Minutes of the Executive Board, SALALM XX, Bogotá, 1975)

That "in the event that more than one candidate can not be found after a reasonable effort, the Nominating Committee be empowered to submit a single candidate for the Vice-President/President-Elect." (Minutes of the Executive Board, SALALM XXXIX, Salt Lake City, 1994)

2. Solicits permission to nominate; collects biographical data.

3. Prepares camera-ready copy of ballots and biographical data for reproduction and mailing from the Secretariat. Collects ballots; tabulates them prior to the annual meeting.

4. Announces winners to Executive Board and membership.

For more information on this committee, contact JesúsAlonso-Regalado .

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