Founded 1956

SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials

Host Institution Policy

Registration income pays for:
(Registration fees are set by the Executive Board.)

  • Photocopying/printing/mailing costs associated with arranging and holding conference
  • Telephone charges in connection with arranging conference
  • Space rental for exhibits, meeting rooms, Secretariat office at conference
  • Rental of photocopy machine for use during conference
  • Supplies for name tags, packets
  • Audio-visual rentals for session panelists
  • Security guard for exhibit area
  • Cassette tapes for recording sessions
  • Coffee breaks during conference
  • SALALM does not pay for:

  • Honoraria for speakers
  • Transportation expenses for participants, speakers, SALALM officers (except Executive Secretary), or Host Representative unless authorized in advance by the Executive Board
  • Social events/meals (banquets, receptions)
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Tours
  • Host Institution pays for:

  • Host Representative's salary
  • Host Representative's travel expenses (unless Host Representative represents a non-U.S. site)
  • One reception Support staff for manning registration desk whenever it is open
  • Host Representative's Responsibilities:

    1. Selects meeting site and makes necessary arrangements (contracts should be signed by the Executive Secretary unless Host Representative deputized to do so by the Executive Secretary).
    2. Prepares text for invitation (in consultation with the President); prints and mails.
    3. Prepares and reproduces list of participants for packet.
    4. Prints program (text developed in consultation with the President).
    5. Reproduces working paper abstracts forwarded by the President and Microfilming Projects Newsletter forwarded by the compiler for packet.
    6. Arranges for photocopying facilities for use during the conference (resolutions, committee business, etc.)
    7. Provides typewriter for use by participants during the conference, with supplies and instruction book (if typewriter has word processing or other electronic features).
    8. Collects registration fees for those registering on-site and turns them over to the Executive Secetary with the registration forms.
    9. Consults with the Executive Secretary before incurring any expenses not authorized by the Conference Budget, which has been approved by the Executive Board.

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