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SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials

07/01/2011 -- The June 2011 issue of the SALALM Newsletter is now online. Click here to view.

06/20/2011 -- Molly Molloy Awarded the 2011 José Toribio Medina Award. This morning at the opening ceremony for SALALM's 56th annual conference Molly Molloy, librarian at New Mexico State University, was honored with the 2011 José Toribio Medina Award. The award recognizes Molly's outstanding work with the Frontera-List.

Victor Federico Torres, chair of the committee, noted that the list "has been hailed as the most comprehensive, up-to-date source of narco-related violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border" and used widely by congressional staff, US and Mexican human rights groups and many other Border observers. Torres added, "this electronic resource fills a much needed information gap on a subject of both scholarly research and binational concerns."

Molly Molloy is well known, not only as a librarian committed to her immediate user constituency but also as human rights activist on Border issues. Her work has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, In These Times, and National Public Radio.

¡Felicidades! Un honor muy merecido. 

-- Adan Griego

05/27/2011 -- Celebrating Enlace's 25th Anniversary! Since 1986 Enlace has provided travel awards for over 70 fellows throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to attend SALALM's annual meetings. The goal of the award is to foster professional contacts between U.S. and Latin American and Caribbean librarians and other professionals who work in library settings. Click here to view.

04/12/2011 -- The April 2011 issue of the SALALM Newsletter is now online. Click here to view.

03/14/2011 -- The February 2011 issue of the SALALM Newsletter is now online. Click here to view.

02/07/2011 -- SALALM 2011 Conference Website Launched. For up to date information on SALALM LVI, visit:

01/24/2011 -- Over 25 SALALMistas were at ALA's 2011 San Diego conference. In addition to librarians, faces familiar to SALAM SALALMistas at ALAlike 1st-time exhibitor Libros Centroamericanos were in attendance.  Ebooks seemed to be a constant presence with Project Muse and JSTOR announcing ebook additions, both seem a very logical place for Spanish language texts given Latin American & Iberian
documents already in their databases.  Casilini, e-libro and Ebsco also announced/showcased their ebook products/platforms.  As more and more e-content becomes available, SALALM can lobby for inclusion of academic ebooks in all of them.

01/07/2011 -- Eager SALAMISTAS attended the 25th Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) in 2010. SALALM librarians alsoAlison Hicks at FIL donated more than 170 books to Mexico's library network Amigos: Red de Instituciones Mexicanas para la Cooperación Bibliotecaria ( as part of SALAMISTAS' annual participation at FIL-2010. The project was coordinated in cooperation with the Benjamin Franklin Library of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico.

01/03/2011 -- The December 2010 issue of the SALALM Newsletter is now online. Click here to view

10/22/2010 -- The October 2010 issue of the SALALM Newsletter is now online. Click here to view.

10/13/2010 -- Check out the official press release for SALALM LVI to learn more about our upcoming conference in Philadelphia.

SALALM and REFORMA at ALA in Washington, DC07/08/2010 -- Washington DC hosted a record attendance of almost 28,000 librarians for ALA this past June. Several SALALMistas attended a variety of meetings/programs and quite a few coincided at the Library of Congress for the International Visitors Reception. In this photo: Jesus Lau (1995 Enlace Fellow); Adan Griego (Stanford); Sandra Rios Balderrama (Reforma); Droer Faust (Puvill Libros); Luis Chaparro (Reforma); Valeria Molteni (San Jose State Univ.); Mar Hernadez Agusti (National Library-Spain); Patrick Sullivan (Reforma)

SALALMistas at Buenos Aires

05/10/2010 -- This year there were fewer SALALMistas (3 librarians and 7 vendors) at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. But the group was as active as ever. Here, Peter Altekrüger from Berlin's IAI and Carlos Retta take a rest after exhausting opac searches at the regional academic press section.

SALALMistas at ALA-Midwinter in Boston

01/27/2010 - SALALM members at ALA-Midwinter in Boston. Several SALALM members were at Boston's ALA-Midwinter meeting (Jan 15-18). Their presence was felt from the exhibit hall with current president Fernando Acosta Rodriguez visiting potential attendees for the upcoming Brown conference to the meeting rooms of ALA Council  where Roberto Delgadillo bravely endured roll call after roll call.

01/27/2010 - Greenleaf Graduate Fellowship.  Applications are currently being accepted for the 2010-2011 Richard E. Greenleaf Graduate Fellowship. The application DEADLINE is Wednesday, MARCH 31, 2010 at 5:00pm at the Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII), 801 Yale Blvd NE.

One fellowship is awarded annually to a graduate student pursuing studies in the field of colonial Latin America (with a preference for Mexico) or New Mexico. The fellowship honors Dr. Richard Greenleaf, distinguished scholar of colonial Latin American history, and his extensive career in teaching, research, service, and mentorship at the local, regional, and international levels.

The Richard E. Greenleaf Graduate Fellow will review and work with printed materials from the Greenleaf collection in preparation for scholarly publications. At the conclusion of the academic year, the Fellow will present a report of work accomplished to the Director of the LAII. The award includes a stipend of $6,000 plus 6 hours of graduate, resident tuition and student health insurance for the 2010-2011 academic year. The Fellow will work 10 hours a week during the Fall and Spring semesters, University-wide holidays excepted.

Further information and applicable forms are available online at Please direct any questions to

01/25/2010 - Enlace Application Deadline Extended - The Enlace Committee members will accept applications until February 19, 2010  for this year's SALALM conference in Providence, RI.. Learn more about the Enlace awards and the application process.

11/30/09 - International Associate - Caribbean - Yale University - Please note that the deadline to receive applications is December 1, 2009. 3-4 months, Spring 2010; The Yale University Library seeks applications or nominations for a Caribbean-based library professional to participate in its International Associates Program ( for the spring of 2010.  Each year, the International Associates Program brings 1-2 library professionals from abroad to Yale to work on library-designated projects related to their areas of expertise and interest.  The Program offers its participants an introduction to North American academic librarianship through exposure to the everyday practices and life of a large research library, in the belief that, whatever the length of the internship, it should benefit both the Yale Library and the associate’s home institution.  International Associates stay at Yale for a period of one to six months, with 3-4 months being standard.  The Yale University Library will cover the Associate’s travel expenses to and from New Haven, as well as living expenses for the duration of their stay, including lodging, food and health insurance. (cross-posted from LALA-L)

10/08/09 - Online Paper Proposal for SALALM LV Active - The electronic form to summit a paper proposal for the SALALM LV congress in Providence, Rhode Island, is now active at: All submissions will go directly to the SALALM President, Fernando Acosta, at Princeton University. (cross-posted from LALA-L)

10/08/09 - SALALM Rates for Accomodation Available - Many of you are already planning your travel budget for this and next academic year. The SALALM LV congress Webpage provides information on travel and accommodations for July 2010:

You may reserve a room with the SALALM discount directly through this link: (also accessible through the SALALM LV Webpage under the link "Room Reservation"). Our coordinator is Denise Henriquez and you may contact her at: The SALALM room rate discount is valid for the nights of July 21st through July 28th, 2010. Room descriptions and rates:

All rooms have California king size beds which means that all rooms can be shared with another person with no extra fees. Please note that the Providence King and the Superior King rooms only have one California king size bed. These rooms are ideal for one person or a couple. The Junior Suite room with two California king size beds may be more comfortable for colleagues to share. If you wish to share a Superior King room or a Junior Suite with a third person, an additional $20 service charge per night will apply.

Junior Suite: offers two separate rooms -- bedroom and living room. The bedroom has one or two California king size beds (you choose). The living room area is furnished with a queen size pull out sofa and an oversized chair. The suite measures 600 sq. feet. $169.00 (plus tax) per night if used as single or double. Add $20 per night if you share with a third person.

Providence King: a smaller room located within close proximity to the elevators. One California king size bed. The room measures 225 sq. feet. $129.00 (plus tax) per night. This room can only be used as single or double.

Superior King: a standard sized guest room with one California king size bed. The room measures 325 sq. feet. $139.00 (plus tax) per night if used as single or double. Add $20 per night if you share with a third person.

Currently, the tax is 13% (this includes a 7% State Sales Tax and 6% Occupancy Tax).  You may see images of the rooms here: (cross-posted from LALA-L)

10/07/09 - The registration form for the SALALM pre-conference workshop is now active at: (at the bottom of the page). In order to be registered you need to mail your registration and payment to the address indicated in the form. For administrative purposes we cannot hold a space for you without having received your registration form and payment. This workshop is reserved to SALALM members attending the 2010 congress in Providence, Rhode Island. However, since the registration form for the congress is not available yet, SALALM members may disregard this detail and mail their registration form and payment for the pre-conference workshop as soon as they wish. The registration fee for the workshop is $100 payable with check or money order to the John Carter Brown Library. So far, the workshop is limited to 23 participants in order to keep the structure manageable and ensure the preservation of the rare books that will be featured. Once we reach the limit of registered participants, we will maintain a waiting list of interested participants in the event of cancellations or, if the waiting list is long enough (and it seems like it will be), the possibility of offering the same workshop again on July 28, 2010, the day after the SALALM congress ends. Ken Ward is more than happy to teach a second session if necessary. If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Ken Ward directly at (cross-posted from LALA-L)

08/19/09 - SALALM LV Website - Preview the call for papers, pre-conference workshop, and travel info for SALALM 2010 on the SALALM LV website.

08/17/09 - Online Course in Latin American Librarianship Offered - Wondering what you’re going to do after you finish your degree? Area Studies Librarianship might interest you! And if you decide you DON’T want to be a librarian, you’ll have learned the insider librarian tricks to researching and organizing information so you’ll be a better researcher.

Librarianship for Latin American & Iberian Studies and Latin@ Studies is a new graduate course being offered online. It is being taught through the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library & Information Science.

What’s the course about?
How to be a librarian in these fields. Topics include reference sources, indexes, collection development and other issues related to the profession.

When is it being offered?
Fall 2009 (Aug 24-Dec 18)
Thursdays 5:45pm-7:45pm (Central time)

Who is teaching the course?
Anne Barnhart, librarian for Latin American & Iberian Studies and Chicana/o Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. For more about Anne see or look her up on Facebook.

How to enroll?
Enroll through the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library & Information Science. Go to and click on Request to enroll in GSLIS course form.

How much is this going to cost?
Members of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) pay U of Illinois in-state tuition rates. If you’re not a SALALM member, you can join just to get the discount ( People who enroll not as SALALM members pay UIUC out-of-state tuition rates.
The in-state rates are: $1020 for 2 hours ($2040 for 4).

Want to know more?
Go to
Email the instructor: anneb@illinois.eduJoin the Facebook group “Librarianship for Latin American & Iberian or Latina/o Studies Course 2009” (cross-posted from LALA-L, 08/03/09)

08/17/09 - SALALM on ALA Connect - Many thanks to Roberto Delgadillo for maintaining a SALALM group on ALA Connect. It's just another way to learn about what we do at SALALM. Check out the group at

07/20/09 - The Executive Board voted to award Dr. Nelly González, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, honorary membership to SALALM.  Those who recommended Nelly for this honor highlighted, among many other achievements, her many years of service to SALALM and to the profession, her distinguished record of publishing, as well as her dedication to mentoring.  We missed you in Berlin, Nelly.  Congratulations on obtaining this award, a testament to a lifetime of personal and professional achievements, with many more to come for sure! (cross-posted from LALA-L)

07/20/09 - The José Toribio Medina Award for 2009 went to Víctor Federico Torres for his Diccionario de Autores puertorriqueños contemporáneos (San Juan, P.R.: Editorial Plaza Mayor, 2009). (cross-posted from LALA-L)

05/08/09 - Blog Berlin - New SALALM blog launches at Read the first post by Adan Griego on the Buenos Aires book fair. Check back for updates from the SALALM conference where our roving bloggers will report on their thoughts and experiences of the conference.

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